9th   Bring as you please. Book Exchange
          Announcement of Presidents Cup 2017:                 
          - An article on a topical theme
 (2000 words)
16th  A Travel Disaster (1000 words)
23rd  Review of a Book. Play, Film or TV programme. (1000 words)
30th  A place I fear to visit (1000 words)

 6th   The wedding speech that caused a disturbance (1000 words)
13th  Holiday
20th  Sketch ‘The interview’ (5/10 minutes duration)
27th  My day in court (1000 words)

 6th  Article based on research (1000 words)
13th Adventure before dementia (1000 words) 
        (deadline for entries for President’s Cup)
20th Poem – inspired by my favourite poet 
27th Snooping babysitter finds something disturbing (1000 words)

3rd/ 10th /17th  Holidays
24th A misunderstanding (Story for young adults) (1000 words)

  1st  Holiday
  8th  Expensive gift from unknown admirer (1000 words)
15th  My favourite politician of all time (1000 words)
22nd Tracing the history of an object (1000 words)
29th  Holiday

 5th  AGM and in-house writing
12th President’s cup results
19th Lunch (12.30 for 1.00)